Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013 || 11:55 AM

The reason of working holiday actually give u a better excuse to start traveling because you can't say you don't have the money and all bla bla bla

So here's the question that many of us share
Work first or holiday first? This is always one of the good question.
Can't get a job so maybe we will just play first and work later?
How long do you plan for your holiday? How much do you plan to spend for holiday?
*spendallthemoney* with meme face inserted

And        and              And

Still can't find a job after that?

Tadaaaa buy a right ticket and just go home?

Many of us let go our jobs and career when we decided to take this route.
That is why work is never the priority and some just want a career break from this.
I've seen a few of my Malaysian friends come and stuck in finding a jobs.
most of them enjoy their holiday while waiting for jobs and ended up spend all the money leave New Zealand for Malaysia with no choice- within 6 months when inside of me still feeling a lil ungrateful of this 6 months validation is way too short.
Why do you come when you are just planning to have a carrier break for two months or why do you even bother to get a slot from the working holiday visa program?
When obviously more than 1150 of us is fighting for the slot on this limited quota.
I will say if you are not really ready for all this maybe you can just a visa visitor instead.there is once a friends told me when I first came here

"Is not that hard like you though but you can't be really picky on your job"

I've been here for more than 6 months and to be more exact I'm here for 195 days, not that I'm really good in looking on jobs but I'm consider one of the lucky ones! Why? I'll explain.

I came here during the end of autumn when it is suppose to be a harvest season for kiwi and apples. 
Looking for job is really one of the hardest thing because we are so afraid we will spend all of the money. While we are patiently waiting for our jobs in auckland there is a friend of me telling us there is still job opportunities in his place at Mt.Maunganui.

Where is Mt. Maunganui? It is located at the north of Tauranga in Bay of plenty
The land of kiwi  to be more precisely is located at Tepuke where jobs opportunity like kiwi picking, kiwi packing, kiwi pruning and kiwi tinning can be found. 
 I have decide maybe we will just take a risk and travel down to where it is the land of kiwi? Got a ride from stranger in JJ house and start traveling.
Fortunately or unfortunately it is one those Bbh that helps you to look for job and in exchange you have to stay at their place. We waited for almost a week to get for the job and that makes us suspect it was a scam. Another reason is because the manager of the Bbh is a *woman* and she always like young cute boys *wink**hint* because it was an outdoor job so it is more likely required high physical.  at the same time, we are not really aware with new zealand fruit. this is why we keep thinking it was a scam when it was actually beginning season of kiwi fruits. How silly we are? I have no idea!! the consequences of not doing enough homework. nevertheless, we still get a trial on kiwi picking and it was actually fun after the jobs i've been experienced after that. it was fun with some crazy peoples around the world no matter how rich or poor the country we come from, we all work together to get the money just for travel. At least in that moment we are all the same regardless on who we are or where we from. Ended up we all still have sore back sore neck and itchy eyes.

*Cover everything before you get tanned*

Look at the guys who doesn't even scare of the sun

  *Green kiwi*

Don't know what's their name as we only work for a day and the girls are Emily from Malaysia and Amy from Singapore. 

The main reason that we dint choose to stay long even we get a job after a week is because
we start working at 830 until 6pm that day and all we get after tax was 46dollar.
Can u imagine? when new zealand has set the rule of minimun wages on 13.75 per hour but we still getting this paid. That is why we ran away from Mt.Maunganui and to our new destination for next job.
To where? What job? How far?

We travel by bus and ferry all the way to the South Island. It really take us a day to done it well since it was 804km distance! We first take a bus from Mt. Maunganui to Wellington! It was a long long trip because we start when the sky is still bright and reach when it is all dark. 

We decided to have stay over night for a day and continue our ferry trip on the next day. Wellington leave a good impression for us but we dint manage to stay along because we have to go for our next trip to Nelson! Take an hour trip from by the ferry and take bus from Picton to Nelson!
Cathryn has make a call to the work agent for our arrival and he pick us up at the Nelson I site and here start my days and months in Motueka. The place I love yet desperately wants to leave. 

I came to motueka at first of may. Can you imagine? May that we are talking about. Seriously? We came here for jobs! There is this work agent Johny that I've been talking in previous post. He helps us to look for an apple picking job. So get there and able to start working the next day. Have you ever heard of the 3 tops suffering outdoor job in New Zealand? 1st is picking strawberry 2nd is apple picking and 3rd will is pruning for grapes vines. When I know I was about to pick apple I know I was about to kill myself. I dint even do exercise when I'm back in Malaysia and now I'm picking apple.

Hahahahaha hahahha. *imallmad*

No matter how hard is the outdoor job I still did it will all my effort but god just love me because when we are about to start it was the season that about to ends.
We get paid from 28 per bin to 30 per bin. You know how long it last?

Hahahahaha hahahha

6 days and we are I'm the end of the season! How much I earn?
300++ a week. Nota very good result but since we dint work all day from 8 to 5 and mostly half day so I'm quite okay with it.

So much to learn about picking apple that u have to

climb the ladder,
be gentle, 

pick with 180degree hands, 
not to pick when it is too soft in the morning, 
do not pick up anything that fell on the floor 
and many many more with some cheat skill.

What did I do after apple picking ends?
I'm still in Motueka!
For what?
For my job n the rest of my working holiday.
I work in Talleys, the seafood factory!

Omo the long lasting Job I had in New Zealand. 
5 months almost 150days I spent it all in Motueka and talleys.
What I'm doing in Talleys?

I've been working as mussel opener! Grab a mussel and put your knife and open it! Grab a mussel and put your knife and open it. I did this for more than a month from 6am to 2.30pm and I'm volunteer myself t be a cleaner because u get more hours when doing the cleaning. 

what's next? The season ends again! We are told to go to the fish shed!

It was smelly it was scary it was full of fish.

 Here start the hoki season! What did I do this time? I'm a fish trimmer.

 Hoki season is a season when the hoki fish in populating time. The reason is not focus on the fish meat but the eggs. The babies can sell really reall good money accordingly o people here.
Trimming fish meaning you have take away all fats and bones in the fish from the fillet and it will later minced by the machine. It was still alright with it but I really hates the smell of this fish and I used to run away from the fish stall when my mum bring me to pasar. After a month of trimming fish, I was assign to be the roots taker, I have no idea how to spell the right word but it was the eggs in the fish. It was disgusting because they have all this worm surrounding the roots. Ewwwww I swear I swear I was about to cry but I can do anything with it. Here a picture of what they look like and how much they hurt me. Rawr * mentally*

A better image of it.

A real life version one

And for the roots too.

Don't talk about how much I hate them. I'm fixed at the position for two week and we are back to the mussel again. Here go the mussel season that ends my days in talleys.