Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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what is life now?
Saturday, April 16, 2011 || 12:16 AM

it's been awhile or to be more exact 1month and 4 days after japan biggest disaster happened.
earthquake hit Japan at 11 march, the death doll is still increasing day by day.
sometimes, some people buy insurance some even make sure they have the best in their home, their partner, their future generation but the best isnt mean the strongest.
the earthquake who following with tsunami have make millions of them lost their home.
home, where peace usually belongs, where a place that protect you, where love never ignores you.
how horrible that could lead you to a depress, when after a big flood, your family gone, asset gone and for some a home they fight for one whole life gone as well.
after quake and tsunami done with their visit, it comes the next big visitor, the nuclear plant.
after all this damage from God,  human made some with the not working backup system.
Moral of the story : if you are going to do something dangerous make sure u know how to protect urself before it harm others.

his age is 102 this year, what makes him to kill himself is the fact that his home, the place where he stay for almost all his life is one of the place expose to radiation and the place is no longer suitable for home.

credit : Man, 102, 'kills self over nuclear evacuation plan, Straits Times.

 a dog was rescued after found floating at some roof top

what makes those reporter take a picture of dogs being save? if the reporter there willing to give up their job and be one of the rescuer i think they will more survivor but again who am i to talk about it, i never once do something like that in my life, but i always think if i could i will try to do at least something meaningful so my life could be a lil meaningful than the rest, but the courage of my life doesn't enough for me to break a student's culture,
credit : Dog rescued after quake going back to its owner

in one day, whatever effort you put became nothing

if this is your country, if this is where you actually belongs, will u still make fun of it? will u still say they deserve it? i'm not clear with story behind the nuclear plant but whatever i saw now is really disheartening to add more crap.

Pictures of Before and After of Japan quake and tsunami

Houses swallowed by tsunami waves burn in Natori, Miyagi Prefecture (state) after Japan was struck by a strong earthquake off its northeastern coast Friday, March 11. (Kyodo News/Associated )
Massive Earthquake hits Japan.Press)

it's not easy Japan to go through it since Japan is already a heavy debt country, how it is going afford to debt more to rebuild this wonderful country?
for you it might just a sudden disaster happen million miles away but the after affect is more than u can imagine, the economy, the food, the same human as us.
life make us stronger but not strongest.
natural disaster could kill many of us without any hints,
life could be fragile almost like  a person kills an ant.
what are we hoping for?
for some of my friends said they will be partying hard till the end of 2012 since we will be graduating at mid of the year.
the reason because they dont want to waste their life working right after graduate if they are going to die at the very same year.

In this one month duration, i've been coughing like a mad woman and still coughing.
family members 80% kena the same virus.
are we too fragile now or the virus, bacteria are being to strong?
2 kids are admitted in hospital and one of them admitted twice a month.
i was there today, to witness how hard to be parents.
it's so pain when u see the needle put in a lil small hand.
the small palm who couldnt hold all yours.
the neighbor ward says: "it's feel like the needles was being injected in to ur hand with ten times pain
but u know that's all u can do to ur child, this is what i told  myself when i saw my daughter had the same thing."

doubt is being repeating in mind, what is life now?
if all those hurt is a part of my life. yes, i accept it.
but at least let me know whatever i'm taking now is what i deserve, i dont want to see after all the pain we get the ending will be no gain.
one tsunami, or one quake, my life. nothing left.