Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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Saturday, August 28, 2010 || 6:00 PM

to dear friends, the lyric say all.
like usual KAMPAR SUCKS
Sunday, August 22, 2010 || 12:18 AM

u know what? yes today kampar will be no electric for liek 4 hours?
MYYY BUDDHAAA, why the hell they wanna make it at midnight?
something wrong with their brain or what?
midnight no light no fans no wind, kampar you really sucks alot.
why the hell have to be in midnight leh? ISHH ISHHH ISHHH ISHHHH ISHHHH
sometimes not that i wanna complain and be hater but really this is somehow ridiculous.
but nahh, i have succesfully escape back to ipoh.
erm, not really my home but someone's else and the name goes to mr.chan

life suckss, really life sucks but i like.
seeing those fb post about no electric in kampar is VERY ENTERTAINING.
they make laugh alot. XD
sorry to be mean but really okay i'm mean. XD

they say the desertification of the planet reflect the desertification of human spirit
it's so obvious i dun have this so called human spirit inside.
whatever it is, i hope everyone has a happy day at kampar <3

Thursday, August 19, 2010 || 4:18 AM

They say promises are meant to broken.
There are times i try to deny this fact to people who insist it.
It was me who are too naive or it was me trusted too much?
Maybe they are right? They are no forever promise.
Things change when uncertainties and obstacles come.
I'm just too stubborn to accept the fact. It's time to come back from my own little world.
The world are suppose to be realistic and yes, i did think too much.
Like i have told ming rui, instead being dilemma i rather make decision.
There is no in between is either yes or no. To make decision is not hard to forgo what the opportunity cost is hard. I'm so ng seh dak.
The last thing i want to see is this. The reason i hold back is to avoid this yet what wants to come will still come.
i know i just cant do it.
thanks for worrying
Wednesday, August 11, 2010 || 1:38 AM

dear mum,
i really love you and after what had happened today,
i realised and i guess i understand why i'm always the one you worry the most,
i'm really blur, blur until word couldnt desribe,
if i were her, i will lock myself in room too.
okay, i think i will try to be extra careful next time, for you for people who worry.
so please dont lock me in my room.
i need nothing others than freedom.

 i <3 today
remind me of people i dont want to remind but no, this time it bring a smiley face.
not emo, not friends but the culture.
thanks for sharing. i really appreciate it.

there are so much more i wanted to say but
i dint get the right way to say

you are __________.
Friday, August 6, 2010 || 5:54 PM

Dear you, who's reading this letter

Where are you and what are you doing?

For my 15 year old self, There are seeds of worries

i can't tell anyone


If I wrote a letter addressed to my future self

Surely I can confide truly to myself

Now, it seems I'm going to be defeated and cry

For someone who's seemingly about to disappear

Whose words should I believe in?

This one-and-only heart of mine

Has been broken so many times

But in the midst of the pain, I live in the present

I live in the present

Dear you, thank you

I have something I have something to tell the 15-year-old you

If you continue asking what and where you should be going

You'll be able to see the answer

The rough seas of youth may be tough

But row your boat of dreams on

Towards the shores of tomorrow

Now, please don't be defeated and please don't shed a tear

During these times when you're seemingly about to disappear

Just believe in your own voice

For me as an adult , there are sleepless nights when I'm hurt

But I'm living in the bittersweet present

There's meaning to everything in life

So build your dreams without fear

Keep on believing

Seems like I'm about to be defeated and cry

For someone who's seemingly about to disappear

Who's words should I believe in?

Ah, please don't be defeated, please don't shed a tear

During these times when you're seemingly about to disappear

You should believe in your own voice

No matter era we're in

There's no running away from sorrow

So show your smile and go on living in the present

Go on living in the present

Dear you, who's reading this letter

I wish you happiness

out of sight out of mind
Wednesday, August 4, 2010 || 11:00 PM

why have to remind everything when i try hard to pack in together and throw it far far far far far x1000 away?
the pain was deep the pain was lonely the pain was unbearable.
i have it enough and i dont ever want it again.
it's hard to put things down but eventually i did.
sometold me, take it out and wait for karma what they did to you they will get it back one day.
and i told him, i dont want karma to be on them.
i never want them to be like me.

i just hope my mind wouldnt flash back these all memory when i'm alone
it's just too moody for me, no , i dont need anymore of this.
enough is enough
go away means go away,
i have a better life to lead, better people going to appear.
dont haunt me more. dont open my scar and put on salt and vineger.
Sunday, August 1, 2010 || 2:11 AM

dear blog,
i dont mean to abandoned you
i wanted you to be a part of my life and my life now is all about assignment.
i dun wan you to be tainted by assignment.

so now, i'm back to here because apparently i choose you over assignment and midterm.
not that you dont know, i always love you more than them.
what kind of life i'm having?
fantastic? wonderful? colorful?
ha, sounds so self comforting eh.
i know i know.

there are so many drama out there now
but like usualy i dont get to watch all of them
eclipse, despicable me and so on so on.

OH YA, dear blog it has been awhile i din change ur outskin.
you must be bored with you outlook now.
i'll promised you, we shall look for a new skin now.
i'm getting really boring , because i'm spending my weekend at kampar.
you know how i feel right? yea, it's worse than being dumped at sahara.
at least sahara desert will be a nice first try than kampar.
u know what? i think i'm starting to go out of track.
i wish westlake stop blackout at early morning, because i cant stand completely dark room.
it's shame to hugging ur bolster outside the house alone at early morning.
but what to do, i just dont feel good to stay at home.

since everyone is talking about the past car park's issue,
i shall share some happening in utar.
it's just my 2cents, nothing much actually  i just wanna crap smtg here.

why students in utar love to complain?
oh because they grow smarter and dumber
i really like those who complaint without their brain, because the only they success to do is bring up the issue.

not like we ever have enough car park in utar. it's just people dint bring up the issue so the management dint bother to care for us.
nothing else. but atleast everyone aware with it.
student who get smart goes and complain to outsider since insider doesnt bother them
and the newspapear, so caller outsider come and demand for a respond.
see, difference of smart and stupid.
and now utar promise to give us another 300 car park.
dun be greedy, u have to be grateful lah what else u expect from a so called environment-friendly-uni wor?

AHA, i dun get it? why they called utar environment friendly?
build build build but we still have 8 pm classs
build build build but we still facing car park problems
build build build but still sini leak sana bocor
the recent one bees flying everywhere and students were in danger.

ohh because they have "trees" everywhere?
come on lah, these small plants doesnt help at all, can shade human? can shade car?
can give more oxygen meh?
some even dying because too dry.
i like someone who post it in fb,
"u complain utar no carpark, negotiate lah, do something point out the problems, u complain the car park at eastlake too expensive? negotiate lah, demand for some changes"
even you  might fail to get what you want, at least you stand up say something and show them their problems.
for those who anti utar anti ini itu. come on lah. waste time aje.
src in utar might not really have enough "attention from everyone"
but atleast they try before to get what students want, they fail not they din do thing it's just management up there doesnt allowed.
i dont have car but i have friends who fetch me to campus everyday.
thanks god, without him i'll be skipping class everyday because i hate sweating under the super big sun in kampar.

that's all for my so called "bising" but afterall i have already accepted the fact. 

p/s : i'm not yours you are not mine