Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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like April loves Black Coffee
Thursday, July 23, 2009 || 1:37 AM

currently listening Augustana-Boston

shud i say i had been listening this the whole night?

lol, i just really like this kind of "background music"
cant blame me, i'm just 60+ aunty when the day i step in kampar.
i just cant follow the trend.

i'm now at chapter 38, and ther ending will be until 42.

i'm gonna finish it TONIGHT.

i''m done reading it and done crying 99 for this story.

since, my fren send me a link about someone POV of this fic i think i shud add mine too.

i know this fic when the day i step in this forum but i heard it is a damn damn damn long fic, so i din bother to click it.
and most of the fics i read is about GD. i'm typical love cheesy cheesy scene.

i heard the quote

eway reayay oinggyay utoay = we are going out.

April Loves Black Coffee.

I'm having a heart-attack.


April Loves Black Coffee.

it's somehow have the sweet meaning inside, i think.
but i never know this come from a fanfic.
until one day, i read about this, Love Bugged from Solangel.
i go thru her/his profile and i see how people comment bout this fanfic.
they say "it's always there a way u end a story unexpectedly"
and this make my curious double x2 x2 x2.
" you know that, no matter how CBU is still the best."
since this week, i got no midterm, no assignment so, i decided to click in and read it.
it's just like drug, u will never wan to stop until u finish it.

perhaps i will say

this is not fun and i'm just self-abused myself for 30+hours just for this story.
but it's all bout how this April girl love Black Coffee guy and that Black Coffee guy ended kill by C guy that like this April girl.

it's hurt when i know i can cry this easy.

this is like i love and hate at the same time.
so annoying right? yes, i'm always this annoying.

but no matter how, this is the best fanfic i read in soompi.

like April loves Black Coffee

April loves Black Coffee.
♫You dont know me, you dont even care~♫

Wednesday, July 22, 2009 || 3:50 AM

i'm reading a fanfic from soompi.
if u are a soompi fanfic's fan u will know this i think.

Conversation Between Us.

it's fucking long for me to read,
cos what i wanna know is just the ending
u will say," go read the last page-lar, stupid.

but i refuse to do so because this doesnt show any respect to the author but still.
ANYONE OF MY FREN THERE who done reading this,

i'm here to beg u to tell me ending.

Conversation between Us

for the sake of lee chooi ting, read it and tell me.

oh, u need to log in to read.
Sunday, July 19, 2009 || 3:37 AM

i'm thinking what can change ur mood in a second?
i guess that willl fun if u can change ur feeling in any moment. like smile, laugh, angry, cry and together in a min.
that is ridiculous but don u think that will be hell fun if u are the one who stand and watch them change their expression?

i'm going sane noww, dont worry.

i know this post shud keep for classmate but i just lazy to take all pics from my phone now.

i'm having my holiday nowww.

weekend holiday that start from sat 1900 ends at sunday 2359. meaning less than >36 hours.

but i dont care

i'm gonna tell u a secret because, i just took the A1579 flight and,

I'm at Hawaii now,

and u will say i'm lying because how can i blog if i'm hawaii?
aiyor, can use I-Phone ge ma.
we got to catch up catch up

facing the orange-ish beach

the pretties sunset in the world

drinking fruit juice,

waiting for the bbq and those grass-dance-show to get ready,


the love one running toward me

just for a

biggggggg hug


he misses me so muchh,
he is such a lovely one, right?

's for me.

okayy, i knowww i dream alot. i'm a daydreamer,kay?
even thought here already 4.00 am but this is what i'm planning to dream when i'm fall asleep later.

cant read mind, cant read mind, i just cant read YOUR mind.

steph, i'm looking for u, where are u?

with love
Friday, July 17, 2009 || 4:45 AM

today, my mum called me and ask whether i'm going back this fri
and the first thing i tell her is, can i dont study?
she really thinks that i'm depressing because the next thing she said to me,
"we never force you, it's all up to u, u know that?"
and that make everything better for me.
no, no, i din burst our tearing cos i think i will adapt it.
atleast, my mum never force me to study like a nerd.
but i knowwww that, the problems is from me.
lee chooi ting is kecoh.

okayy, i think i shall just blog some pic instead of bebel.
we went to westlake to have some chit-chat.

and i always says that westlake has the best light ever

oh ya, this guy he keep saying he dont like to take pic, he is sucks, isnt it?

we talk about girls, boys, party, alcohol and yada yada.
i'm gonna to stop thinking about people and things that i dont like

i think it's time to stop complaining about where am i nowww.
because i think i got a not-so-bad-view uni.

it's nice right? i took it when i'm having break after my so-boring-to-death-class

i love things that looks match.

i should post some of my classmate pictures next time.

with love, with care and ithem.

p/s i love you
Thursday, July 16, 2009 || 1:39 AM

p/s i love you

read this book and u might understand my feeling.

cos my words are limited and the book tells the story.

i'm tired, i need friend, i need family.
and i need another "it's time for crying"

even i hate it, i know it's work.
i'm such a emo till max.

p/s i need fresh air.

a post a day keep ur emotional steady

Tuesday, July 14, 2009 || 10:52 PM

so there is a guy named, CHIN JEE KENT.
and he is fucking annoying here i dunno why, he never failed to annoy me, again, NEVER.
and i hate to do assignment nowwwwwww.
feeling so stress, a few days more we got 2 test, one QT and another one is MK.
damn damn damn damn damn damn it!!!!!!!
it's not going to be fun, not at all. why?
cos assignment is hard and mid-term is killing me.
and we are now at 1232 1st floor doing our cute " assignment"
with section section yg mulia, i dunno why, they are actually English words that exist in the world for ages. u und my feeling not? English words that don't like English words?
i dunno what i'm crapping now.
i think i need to watch titanic for the 2nd time now.
to release stress, u know??

i'm starting from dont like become hate study.
who can save me from hell? *muka drinking miso soup*

and i bite him for annoyed me.
so thanks : )


it's 5.03 in the morning, not a sleepless night actually.
is just that i'm struggling to blog or not to blog,
but at the end, i choose to blog it.
well, perhaps a blind-happy-dontgiveadamn-love will be fun.
but the risk will be quite high.
in financial statement " high risk high return."

i wish this will be nice for them.
after from foundation to degree, i'm wondering why am i doing all this when i dunno what is my future will be?
kind of wasting money and time.
i just suddenly got the ohm to take pics tmr, as much as possible.
u know why?

because i think i need new memory.

precisely,i need a new photo album.

i think i'm addicted in blogging. might change it back to private.

it's raining outside. I'm lovin' it.


sharing is not caring
|| 12:32 AM

It's somehow very disturbing me.

i'm not those who love to share

is just i dont share everything, maybe some are just coincidence, some are in purpose.
mind you, i will repeat it 1000 times if u want, i'm selfish. Got it?
faham? und?

i dont share things, i dont share favo, i just dont share.
i dont like if people share the favo colors wif me, dont like when people share the same taste with me dont like when people share the same band with me, ERRRRRR.
it's got to be weird right? oh ya, i dont share the same bed with others, yes, not even my family.
i just dont like it, i think.

but maybe sometime i did the same without my realise so nothing has to be urs forever especially come to this kind of thingy.

it got to be like this, cos we have unlimited wants but limited resources.

he is back~ he is back~
my babe is having his own solo.
my babe solo is coming out at his birthday.
my babe is G-Dragon.
can wait for his solo, i just cant wait~

Wednesday, July 8, 2009 || 2:14 AM

for people who dunno, i'm doing Entrepreneurship.
sound so going-to-be-boss hor?
eh, only sound like jek,
just noww, ming rui asked me what my plan after degree den i said
"dont know"
i feel like go for a nice single trip first. my dream

niamaaaaa, i promise must sleep early today and now.
blogging again.
wheee, he said he wanna work in a cruise
and and and his class had 3 foreign
one from korea two from Hk.
i wish i'm there. . .
no, i'm not jealous!!

if this is going to happen
he will be working at some place like that

so nice isnt it???
last time suek told the same thing to me too,
and i told the same thing to evelyn too
and once shared a dream together but nowww,
we are all apart.
anyway, just wanna let ming rui know,
if and only if,

u will mati 99 by tat time


u get a chance to swim with shark, AN EVEN NICER EXPERIENCE-wor.
u tot everyone can swim with shark gahh?

ok, maybe not this,,
errm, how about turtle whale and of course, with dolphin?

dont you think this is LUCKIEST thing ever?
maybe when i'm traveling at some nice country i will coincidence met ur bloody mayat floating there.

*evil smile*
dont get mad, kayy?

muahahaha, good luck, my friend.
i mean in ur study and ur future.

i'm so jealous, because at least u are hoping smtg or aiming smtg for u future.
and i got nothing.YERRR
Tuesday, July 7, 2009 || 3:31 AM

currently listening: Michael Jackson- you are not alone

my precious weekend had spend all over at k.a.m.pa.r
seems like my post cant go without this place anymore.
what to do?
sometimes i feel so blind-lor.
i'm suppose on my bed and sleeping but i just dont have the mood to slp.
so i plan to take out my notes to study perhaps i can get one or two single words into my mind but my hands refuse to touch them.
so instead of study i'm here to sengaja update my blog so i have a reason for myself from not study.
lame isnt it?

about the so called legend had passed away story, everyone seems to saying how sad and how he deserve to be.
sorry no comment about this man.
i'm not those who listen English song when i was a child but maybe andy lau.

feel so homesick noww, i'm telling people how my family pamper me for my all 18+ years.
dunno why? i'm being so family-kind this few days. gonna be something wrong in my mind which i dunno what is it.

the main of today is, i keep dreaming about her and i dont really enjoy it.
i wonder why this not-related in my life human will pop out again?
i wonder why my brain just couldnt let it go?
so this making me very frustrating.
i always think that when they quote something, they must be very meaningfull but is time really a healer?
wondering again, cos if time a healer then why we need doctor?
i'm crapping alot.
and and and and i wanna watch p/s i love you.

ouh ya, that day in facebook i join smtg like asking u if time can reverse.
and i wrote, "if time can reverse, i will still not change a thing but watch and learn."
MUAHAHAHAHA, i feel like i can rip in the next min like i have ntg to regret about.
but no, i'm still young and i havent travel more than 10 countries yet.
so god, okay maybe not god, kuan yin or buddha, even u dint make my life as dramatic like michael jackson or as fun as my others friends but please dont take my life away that fast.
at least, let me finish my study, know a romantic man, and AND AND, let me travel 99 sin.
according to eu yang, this is condiser pessimistic i think.

and this is another bad news for me.
i heard andrew said that we are having law midterm this sunday, yes, SUNDAY.
meaning my i got to stay my another best damn sunday at kampar again.

i'm planning to change my template. any nice link for me????


if my life really had to be this pathetic, i will just accept the fact
i always know that i'm this weak
i pretend i'm strong
i pretend there is non my business
there is no doubt i'm a selfish creature in this world
yes, law yi jun is U.
u never failed to disturb me
even if u show how u dont care me
how U forget me Lee Chooi Ting
i wanna cry my lungs out to show how the feeling deep inside
but i dont want anymore,
i cant remember how many times i cried when i feel the same with now.
i cant remember how many time i feels the same feeling after that
i cant remember how many times i told myself that i'm not suppose stay at this point anymore.
u got me?
u are damn damn damn damn thing that i will never regret had in my life
This not going to repeat anymore, because this is not fun.
it makes me hate u so muchh u knoww?
i know i cant.
so biatch. u win and i lose my half memory to u.
maybe, if this happened in a normal boy girl relationship i iwll still feel better
i feel i'm fucking lesssss.

miss you