Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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lalala. i'm thinking i'm reminding i'm smiling
Sunday, December 21, 2008 || 2:02 AM

currently listening Graduation-Vitamin C

keep thinking time will never change.
will we laugh when we think back what we blame?
saying everything is unfair?
i still need to go for 4 years to the word graduate.
how funny it is.
As we go on, we will remember all the times we have together.
isnt it?
wateve fuck shit.
Thanks for the memory. THANK YOU THANK YOU.
without u all there is no Lee Chooi Ting here today.
to those who betray, who persuade, who leave, who love, who hate, who care, and everything.
no pain no gain right?
i'm gaining from the pain and also memory.

Nice to everyone they meet. Can't make up their mind. Have own unique appeal. Creative, energetic, and very social. Hates to be alone. Peaceful, generous. Very loving and beautiful. Flirtatious. Give in too easily. Procrastinators. Very gullible.

quite tepat ma.
no meh?
whee whee whee.
i'm going sg next week.
love me not? love me not?
kay neamind i love u.
somehow, it's like fated
Tuesday, December 9, 2008 || 2:38 PM

yeahh, i get the way to post at uni. tell u it was not fun when at 1st i'm typing this on MICROSOFT WORD.
today things make me wanna fuck around like yesterday. damn bitchy virus who take away everything in phone.
cant blame me for upset and fucking around this two days i just ehem.
another way or the only way for me to release, even though know people is getting mad on me but just let me please,kay?
thanks for understanding.
currently addicted to big bang's member who are jiyoung aka gdragon and seung ri aka riri as well as Top the big boy. wateva the name is i still like the real name yea, meaning like chooiting is still chooiting don't sound it in CHUIIII TING i mean mandarin.
ish, i really really hate it! i'm not like aunty in the pasar who make u call ah sau ah sau lidat. so make sure call me back in the English way or u want me to say it in malay it's ok just not MANDARIN NOR CANTONESE.
yea, when i fucking around in the lab with the words! the tutor come in and give us back the web page marks, i can tell u it's OMFG.
i mean i know some will and i know i will just when before i get back the marks.
as in i'm so naive right i should cry around and blame for me test marks but come on that's not me even i feel so when after i took my practical but i wont to so.
just it's a LAME excuse for me.
and wanna say that what i have said doesn't mean that i really wanna fuck around wif u guys because what i say doesn't mean it so just let me wateva for this few days,kay?
BLA. wateva-la!
and yes when u are dying for not enough sleep somehow there will many bitches come along disturb u. today a very annoying lecturer and i dont actually und how she can be a lecturer when she is so lack of confidence when speaking. she called me to come out to give and explanation on what i und toward PLANNING AND BUDGETING.
i'm ready to has my snap and she ask me to explain-leh?
i am normal to get mad okay?
so again dont blame me. i just give another wateva answer to her like i'm just soso wif her ONLY.
but the most i like is when i when back i said FUCK YOU BITCH silently but guess others than her all in front me could see it. I like it. yea, admit i have the ego so what? are u going to kill me? peoples do have ego just mine goes a little bit more.
actually i wanted to give a long post for this time cos i feel happy when i see my post is long.
i found out i cant write it back like how i write in on this morning at lab.
but i hope i can write it ALL OUT from what i remember.
I'm sick again not those fever flu or wateva.
it's the time for me to say cry again.
actually i don't really like it when I'm like this but i cant control it so for the god sake just give me a good timing to CRY.
last time when I'm like that i will tell yijun that I'm FEEL like crying and i cant remember she gave me.
and i told me mum she just probably ignore me again.
i really dunno why getting this kind of stupid sick which is so ABNORMAL.
my changing not something really good for me, yea, i feel so.
cos I'm like being strange to myself like i dont who am i now.
sound like those lost child who wanna go suicide. ey, I'm NOT THAT NEGATIVE WHO IS GOING TO SUICIDE. so don't worry.
just feel like like i don't like when this all come along.
being strange to yourself not really good i can sure!
and now I'm hurting myself by not sleeping. i don't mind that i purposely not to go sleep but sometimes just cant.
i don't know why.
last time i use to hurt myself by using blade or wateva when argue with my mum but forgive me for that annoying i don really mean to die that time and so now.
I'm bad on release i think.
and i feel I'm getting worse now.
isn't it hurt more cos i know it's really unhealthy.
agree?agree not?
for god sake i just being like that for dont know how many times?
sometimes i only desperate one who really can read my mind when i dont need to say anything or giving any big reaction for her/him*
somewhere like mind reader of mine.
but god when u are going to give me this.
for mentioning god for times not because i really beliefs on him.
JUST LISTEN. laugh out loudly again. sorry fo my ss-ness.
isn't this is my style for being so weird? i dont really know

and yes, i wanna upload a picture i took on morning.
a really look like fakes one.


11 December 2008

3.28 a.m

i know i should starting with my assignment but again my tired to go there and touch my books.
i'm like totally lost control on my emotional.
kent said till that he really understand me.
by judging me how i speak normal days.
just he dont know that i keep silent tat time ijus because i really lazy to fight back of what he said.
lost control.
because tear behind my eyes smtg wrong again.
dont blame me for crying around like those bitches who ask for pity.
i get myself not cry just now.
so cheer me.
i try to think, think whatever it is sad or happy that can make a decision for my mind.
somehow i dont mind crying everywhere just i dont manage to cry nor smile truly just now.
i try to think on whatever that can my mind to cry or laugh seriously.
by think someone oways the good button den think of smtg fun that make me laugh.
butt, i dont get the way to it.
i gonna to be the way that make people even hard to understand me cos i dun even understand myself.
serious, i dont really act like that last time even when my this abnormal sick was here all the way.
i dont know or i dont care that people understand me anot. i wish yes.
but know i'm like going crazy how i act like.
Yay. i make myself happy
Monday, December 8, 2008 || 1:42 AM

currently listening to sunset glow-Biiiiiiiiiiiiiig Bang

one word to describe
just let me.
i'm suppose doing my assignment now.
but then i dont feel like going to it
so damn me for my irresponsible.
i'm happy cos i just finish the fanfix of big bang story.
HEY, i read alots-lor
HAHAHAA.but not for the good one.
who care who care.
midterm is over
i mean almost all finished.
left the stupid dumb dumb sociology.
sometimes i felt i'm like a stupid for studying this subject for all boring title.
or maybe because the died-boring lecturer XD
she is boring. wanna kidnap her and throw her to ocean so that no one can find her.
yea, i guess i'm planning to has a diet.
thank you for those who persuade me especially "mummy" and class rep.
by the way i dont like his way to persuade me.XD
and wanna cont ystd G.R.E.Y story.
it was not about zhen but another girl i knew for long time too.
just i dont want to mention her name.
yes,my ignore is waiting for her to ask.
and yea, she didnt
and yea, i dont feel sad.

mr. and ms. sekalian.
LeeChooiTing is no more like last time.
i learn not to care sometime.
love me more please.

i'm walking around in peoples mind so that i could understand more about me
Saturday, December 6, 2008 || 8:51 PM

i'm not happy
not emo not sad.
maybe ady used to it
if not i will say disappoint.
a call from zhen make me down.
from what she told me, i guess it's what i have expected to be.
but just she broke the promise to me again :(
told her i know it will happen and she say:"i will find you"


no more disappoint

no more i miss you

no more tears
flying kite and stary night
Thursday, December 4, 2008 || 3:39 AM

i think only zhen will sot with me 99 in kampar
but neamind i still get a chance to sot
u know what?
i love stary night i love stary night
i learn to go without someone i have go for many years.
i know i can do it.
memory is still the best, no matter sad or happy.


i'm back to chooiting before september
appreciate what i have no matter sweet, sour, bitter.

give up to say
*i miss you*
*i hate you*
*i need you*
*i want you*

THANK YOU,my dear.

tonight actually plan not to sleep early
but just i never though of KITE.
wheee. u know?
i love wind i love natural.
i love there is nothing that gonna to take away my freedom.

according to zhen she failed to make kite fly yesterday because of no wind.
god loves me.
so wind come and let me see how kite flying under stary night.
we laugh. we smile. we joke. we appreciate.

she looks sleepy here. : ) thank you thank you

cameraman oways lost the chance to be in camera. BLUEK

chooiting and the gay nick

mun is feeling the wind i guess : ) she told me u have to feels the wind before u let go the kite.

agree. seeing the kite i feel satisfy even though i'm not one who make it fly but really love seeing kite fly. and the night is trying to make me have a nice dream with stars hanging around.

-smiling silently-


sometimes people doesn't show what they are.
bitching around, flirting around, faking around.
they are girls.
[girls are always confusing]
u know. i know.
not insulting girls cos i know it's natural reaction form girls.
paiseh paiseh. just depend what standard they go.
so what? :p
i love listen to story.



due to some reason i really lazy to make another post.
so write it here.
yea, we go westlake again. ofcourse, kite again.
u know i love it!
but there are some TOMBOY there.
i dont bias them but just there are really annoyed me.
luckily thim yeow safe me.
always the best listener in my life.
miss him. <3 a very very good friend of mine after someone gone.

more than 30mins. i din cry i din shout i din scold i din smile i din laugh
but it's enough because he was listening.
the story that between me and someone.
i feel like
kind of release.

::told him what i felt::
::told him how i judge someone::
::told him what he suppose to know::
::told him how someone changed now::
::told him someone life is not bad::
::told him what he suppose to know::
::told him how someone make change::
::told him i makes everything let go::

the one i can really tell whatever i wants even i dont know him well.
but i know he is a good person.
thank you thank you.

even my life seems to be not that boring now but i always feels this quote really for me
Have you ever been in a room surrounded
by people, but still feel alone..
-A Cinderella Story

word tells everything.
just depend u get what i wanna to say anot.
i'm human being, used to be with someone to have my fun my joy my sadness.
but now everything gonna move on smoothly.

class rep told me
appreciate what u have now and i always do.
i dont meant to get pity or what i just wanna to show how well i'm going on with what i felt at first.

[a tiny thing make me cry, a tiny thing make me smile]

~*+chooiting know there is a long way to go+*~