Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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10minutes break
Friday, November 28, 2008 || 4:46 AM

i guess i'm gonna to challenge marketing
with 3 chapter done
so dare right?
yea, i know i brave enough
tonight 4.47am
chooting is currently listening to T-shirt by Shontelle
marketing cant kill me cant kill me
neh neh neh. the song wake me up thanks to zhen for sent this song me
"with nothing but your T-shirt on"

i need a rest need to let my mind to think back something :(
playing around in my room
actually there is nothing much for me to play.
so i take pic what in my room
hahaha. so sohai right?

den tersaw this kasian insect.
but i dont pity lor
mati den mati far abit la.
why in my room? make ants come in!
shoo shoo shoo!

i'm trying this new toner. not nice someone told me clinique not bad.

and my sister get me sample from sheseido

i'm using this. not so bad not so bad but expensive

after taking those stupid pictures. i know bro havent sleep yet
so we plan to go breakfast at old town later
sometime when u wanna run abit farther also hard when u at kampar
so we only can go old town if we wanna try smtg new.
but too bad to have my breakfast we need wait till 6 am
if not no one will sell u food, honestly.
bla. so back to study
i'm being a NERD now.
no lying no acting no bitching
i'm really studying on tat time.
see my nerd face

i changed alot alot alot alot.

yeahh. 6a.m.

cycle out
it's a first time i went out for breakfast at kampar.-proud-
morning is still the best but i think i'm used to at midnight ady.
morning make me feel i'm not belongs to it.

after all the way cycling to oldtown
we decided to eat claypot mee at pasar!
yea, pasar. if i'm not wrong other stall havent open yet
and i saw a super big Garfield
but too bad cant think pic because if i take uncleS will perasan

this is what another sohai pose!
after a very good breakfast.
we ss at kampong.
like never see kampong before lehh
i admmitt i always a SAKAI
like usual

i miss mgs when i see this tree
the grass are too long so i cant go UNDER THE TREE

when the way go back.
we were lost.
so my bro who clever clever donno bring me where and make me go into another malay kampong

[note: at first we at chinese kampong-lor]

haha. luckily i'm smart enuf to go back.
at the end, i'm still smarter
that's all for my morning. yea, after that we straight go for class.
classes kill me cos of the stupid boring lecturer :p
slightly mood swinging
Wednesday, November 26, 2008 || 9:48 PM

I'm mood swinging now.DAMN

*~+I'm just waiting the rain to stop and set me free+~*

i should send a letter to heaven a says i want the rain to stop
but how?
rain rain rain rain
when are you going to stop
I'm waiting the rain to stop so that i can have a walk
as usual me i will love rain drop hit on me and laughing screaming like there is no tomorrow but just i don't want to be more sick
test and rain is killing me
i should love myself like I'm fall in love with someone
bad way to describe ):
yea, i feel so
and now this second i hate rain because of jailing me in the room.
and again love is blind.
finally i had decided to go out with umbrella.
walking under the rain feel good, the oni bad is walking with not the one i want
daddy mummy
dont have the feeling sweet
TAKEI SECTION is not that fun as i thought but i do get what i want which is noise
i feel so bored in the room
gonna old die one day in kampar
than saw zhen
treat her ice-cream
sweet things make feel happy now which i know it's doesn't work on last time
just i changed when I'm here
i don't mind to be noisy don't mind to be busybody but i mind people judge when u don't understand me, even u understand me, doesn't me u have the qualified to judge
world is so small
and the story isn't that hard to come back to my ears
i don't mind i don't care is lying people which u feel to lies on
and yea, sometimes i decided to say yea, u don't care u don't mind!
westlake has no light tonight and everything seems to be blur
and i LOVE it.
dark doesn't really scare when there is people to be with you
singing chatting mumbling just another way for people to release
when u feel singing on the street is so lame!
then u just lying to yourself
because u don't have a chance to try the fun
tonight we din do anything crazy but just i still don't get the feels like last time
the feeling had abandoned me, KARMA
i miss but i never desperate for it.
today there is a gang of ta16
this like once in thousand years for me
don't blame me. i'm talking seriously now.
yea, right now!
they are like "wow, why go westlake? what can u do at there?"
i'm like o.O
a very serious face expression
nah, u can see this, they are different than me.
that's why i say peoples here always make me feel turn off.
anyway i'm faking too
yea, bitches everywhere and i dint say i'm good, innocent like water
damn no one is simple minded.
dont lie people by your words
u know who you are more than us
[brother, i'm not saying U! dont perasan,kay?]

piang-ing around is kinda boring now
but i have nothing to play others than this.
LOVE kills people silently but at the same time cure everything deep in your heart


++missing someone feel bad but when there is no one for you to miss even worst++
rain doesnt kill me as fated cos i did what i wanted to do the end
i dont like "things will change"
i like "i can change what i want to change"

i'm dying
Tuesday, November 25, 2008 || 2:25 AM

kampar is do dead and mid-term is killing everyone and also me
damn it! but the worst is i'm sick now.
walking around the room cos i really canT fall asleep
+ i miss my mum, i miss my ipoh's room
at least i can see doctor if my mum with me.
you know?
i really hate sick when i'm alone in kampar
i feel so ALONE
get my meaning?
no one who will ask u to eat medicine, no one will come over and ask u to drink smtg healthy no one who will bring u to see doctor even they showing face "why u will sick?" no one will cook for u
i'm like orphan now. :(
i cant go back cos of the stupid mid-term and my over limit skipping class attitude
damnn. if i'm at home i can sleep until no tomorrow.
i hate the bed here, seriously.
the first time i feel home sick.
that's why I HATE to being sick.
make me feel like crying now
pity girl pity girl.
walk in and out from the room until 2 am.
like a SOHAI only.
although i dont feel like sleeping doesnt mean i feel like reading my mass comm.
i shud agree wif they all that
1 day come 1 day back.
at least no need to be here.
i miss my room T_T
why sick? shoo shoo
go away bacteria.
who wake u up and ask u to drink HO YAN HOR
just because u sick he came up with the softest voice.
yea yea. i always admit i'm a manja kid at home.
i miss the pain yet memorable memory. :(
this is WHY I HATE SICK, everything tat i try to keep all pop out into my mind!
sleeping day
Saturday, November 22, 2008 || 9:58 PM

today skip my marketing class, luckily ching din call my name.
seriously i really beh tahan to cont my class at that mode
after breakfast with siu yeh they all, come back watch hyun bin den go sleep
sleep till 8pm only wake up

think back, last time yum cha with class rep he told us that he has a friend that is very good once upon a time, and also just some argument they become stranger
even he this friend take the move to maintain the friendship
but my class rep ignore, at the end of the story, my class rep this friend past away
and he is the only who regret standing there to give another apologize,
but it's no use anymore.
this kind of story, we listen many times, seriously, many times ady.
But then still there are many repeat case.

i dont know and also no feeling.
i just feel that, there is many story around us, it's depend u want to know or u dont want.

and i should do like what sam say
+screaming in the canteen+
+dancing in the hall+
+free hugs anywhere+
i tot i was screaming anytime.
simple is the best but sometimes it's sound bored.
yea, boring i hate it!

sam say do such things above make a little tiny change in ur life.
yea, he dont know Uni like Utar, they will just tot u smtg wrong.
i will kena telur busuk and fork by students.
cannot imagine~

buy me ice-cream and i will smile for u the whole day
i need something sweet
|P|A|S|A|R| |M|A|L|A|M|
Wednesday, November 19, 2008 || 1:21 AM

i run back to ipoh to eat my yummy yummy yim sou chicken
BLA. thanks siu yeh and siu nai aka wai seng and siew wai
i misses ipoh pasar malam a lot.
i knew i laugh a lot there last time.
i dont feel pain but the memory doesn't make me feel turn on ANYMORE
but yim sou chicken YES!
saw alvin, he said he lost his contact in phone and asked me for my no.
but in my memory, he don't have my ph no. from the start
dumb dumb dumb.
saw fei chai also, but when the time they come in my life, i dint see anythings that i feel memorable.
i know i'm stubborn but please give me time.
i told kent that if my friends are like that i will choose not to remember.
but i need time, actually the concept is same like:
u break up with someone, u cant forget everything at a minute right?
especially when u go back the place that give the best memory you thought u had last time.
damn. what they say, the opposite of love is hate.
i dont hate because i know i cant do it
that's why, i choose to forget.
hahahahhahaa. SO SEXY~
decorate my room, i just finished my board.
i still love things that look mysterious
ey ey. NOT GHOST AR!
it's not special la but at least different than others

Carlie says: Love is Sweet.
Everything done by the one you love to you is Sweet.

Sam says: Love is Sweet and Bitter and that's confusing.

Kent says: Walking under the same umbrella with the girl u like that's sweet.
Monday, November 17, 2008 || 2:40 PM

nowat lab
wanna do my kodak background but seriously i'm too lazy
i found out nowadays i really very lazy to my things
yea yea yea. i know i'm always lazy but now i'm become more more lazy
cos of the sleeping disorder
ystd night i fall asleep at 5 am leh.
and i have to wake up at 7am+
damn la
2 hours nia
wan me die???
getting serious now
even though i feel very lazy to study but due to the reason that i cant fall in sleep yesterday night
i went to study lecture1=chapter 1
nowadays my life become simple normal colourless.
yea. i'm trying to make everything better and better
i know carlie backstabbed me
but who cares.. she is not important character in my life
could it be no one bcome very important to me?
bla. recall back that night seriously i love that night!

it's another way i felt the "colour".
doesnt mean my life is grey la
is just lack of others colour
kinda boring to keep life lidat
no way lor~
i still keep asking people to define love,sweet and friend
currently addicted to Hero-Enrique iglesias and Fall For You-Secondhand Serenade
yea, planning to colour my room with some decoration
going to buy a "stary" wrapper and the "glow in dark" star
to make it a little colour and not too bored

[chooiting is planning how to decorate her room]
kampar is too bored.
-i'm looking a people who make me "i tried be chill but you're so hot that i melted-

it's raining and again heavy rain outside
damn damn damn!
i'm cycling under the rain today
and conclusion
what i can say is
but honestly it's damn tired
never regret cos i love playing under the rain
no matter how i'm changing now.
i'm still love under the rain
like what i had told last time
i belongs to R.A.I.N
define FRIENDS
Sunday, November 16, 2008 || 11:00 PM

happy is short sad is long
cos too easy to remember too hard to forget
i oways say this
but no more hard feeling on yijun no more ng sek dek no more disappoint


things will go and come
i let them go and waiting the new one come

bla. remember that this few days i keep asking the these question
define love
define friend
define sweet

andrew gave me this answer

love is blind
friend:"din ask"
sweet: love is blind, blind make everything blur and that's sweet

mine one is
love: ur heart beat faster when u see the one u love the feeling is love
friend: come and go
sweet: surprise+ love

i shud ask more people

tat day i saw kukumalu
no more the feeling of heart beat faster
but the feeling remember
i miss him
cos he is the special one for me

[smile always has a reason]