Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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Monday, April 28, 2008 || 2:19 AM

Guys don't care if you're
friends with
other guys.
But when you're sitting next to us,
and some random guy walks into the
room and you jump up and tackle him,
without even introducing us, yeah, it
pisses us off.
It doesn't help if you sit there and
talk to him for ten minutes without
even acknowledging the fact that we're
still there.
We don't care if a guy calls OR TEXTS
you, but at 2 in the morning we do get
a little concerned.
Nothing is that important at 2 a.m.
that it can't wait
till the morning.
Also, when we tell you you're pretty/
beautiful/ gorgeous/
cute/ stunning, we freaking mean it.
Don't tell us we're wrong.
We'll stop trying to convince you.
The sexiest thing about a girl is
Yeah, you can quote me.
Don't be mad when we hold the door
open. Take Advantage of the mood I'm
let us pay for you!
don't "feel bad"
We enjoy doing it.
It's expected.
Smile and say "thank you."
Kiss us when no one's watching.
If you kiss us when you know
somebody's looking, we'll be more
You don't have to get dressed up for
If we're going out with you in the
first place, you don't have to feel
the need to
wear the shortest skirt you have or
put on every kind of makeup you own.
We like you for who you are and not
what you are.
honestly, i think a girl looks more
beautiful when she's just in her pj's.
or my
shirt and boxers, not all dolled up
Don't take everything we say
seriously. [=))]
Sarcasm is a beautiful thing. See the
beauty in it.
Don't get angry easily.
Stop using magazines/media as your
"Don't talk about how hot Chris Brown,
Brad Pitt, or Jesse McCartney is in
front of us".
It's boring, and we don't care. You
have friends for that.
Whatever happened to the
word "handsome"/"beautiful"
i'd be utterly stunned by a girl who
greeted me
with "Hey handsome!" instead of "Hey
baby/ stud/ cutie/ sexy" or whatever
else you can think of.
on the other hand I'm not saying i
wouldn't like it ether ; )
Girls, I cannot stress this enough: if
you aren't being treated right by a
guy, won't wait for him to change.
ditch his sorry ASS,he's a disgrace to
the male population and find someone
who will treat you with utter respect.
Someone who will honor your morals.
Someone who will make you smile when
you're at your lowest.
Someone who will care for you even
when you make mistakes.
Someone who will love you, no matter
how bad you make them feel.
Someone who will stop what they're
doing just to look you in the
eyes....and say "i love you" ..and
actually mean it.
Give the nice guys a chance.
Guys repost this if you agree
Girls repost this if you think it's
Every Guy who isn't a jerk will agree
with this, so we hope that all the
girls that read this will repost this
*Holding Hands
Girls :If you want to hold his hand,
gently bump into it a couple of
Guys : Grab it if it happens more than
Girls : When you want to cuddle with
him, tell him you're cold
Guys : Automatically move closer to
*Loving each other
Guys : When she tells you she loves
you, look deep into her eyes, give her
a peck on the lips, and tell her you
love her
too... And mean it.
*Laying below the stars
Girls : When you're both laying under
the stars, put your head on his chest
and close your eyes as you listen to
his steady heart beat
Guys : Whisper in her ear and link
your hands with hers.
I'M wondering
Sunday, April 27, 2008 || 3:11 AM

today... i juz sien for whole day lor
cos ntg to do de..
tat's why i did smtg tat is cleaning my room...
but at 1st muzt transfe everything to itu feii poh punya room...
yew lor..
kik 9 sei ngo la!!
i see fern study in utar till so stres i very scare.
even now i knew perfume's fren will going utar i oso scare..
tat's is hui bin ar..
duno wat bean wat bin la
but think~ why i wat to study? really no reaon rite?
or 100 reasons waiting for me?
no idea...
as i noe? or as i heard
ppl oways said no pain no gain..
but usually this sentence id un like
cos is actually telling i nid to but afford at everything..
i hate it...
i nid enuf time digest it..
as ppl liek to show off like giving stress to me..
but i believe i will not surrender
no la..
cos i dun wan to lose
dun wan to be loser
although some of ppl will think u are
but atleast i think i'm not...
we are different we are different
today i say smtg sweet..
zid ask me... what am i doing..
i said i coming to find u
cos dar on9 must stick wif dar de mah..
cos i actually finding a human no seriously a boy's friend
but not boyfriend
cos feeling like girl tell secret to boy more to the same gender except some sensitive topic..
cos boy diff we girl
boy will not keep rmb wat u did wrong but girl will
cos girl is created by god tat alots diff wif boy
girl can be strong in inside but is juz tear at outside
so when they wants to protect their self they will do smtg unexpected juz to protect their self..
hem.. by some of the guys will think they are protector ..
come of them protect they things they like
some of them protect their family
some of them will protect the wan they love
i prefer the type of protecting the 1 they love..
cos their love maybe is themost loyal in world
when no one love me.. i will be strong enuf to protect myself but smtm day by day..
u will feel tired..
and u hopes sum1 will come and protect u..
but from what i get..
i havent get the 1 who really can protect me..
just like u are the only human left in the world
but it is juz a miracle to find it..
tat's y i dun love zid i dun love ****
but i still hope they will care for me..
but too bad XD
even boy's friend i still cant find 1 who really care for u..
but atleast now i think sion will quite ok de la..
but nvr is my cup of tea..
we are differnt
i guess when he see this he will misund lor
but anyway i still not prefer to get a bf yet.
maybe is no 1 like me..or maybe i dun have sum1 to make me love..

my mood= chooiting is currently single but not available but i'm still ok!!!
day by day
Saturday, April 26, 2008 || 12:13 AM

hemm.... long time no write blog or..
can even forget my blog mail tim..
can di elor
cos this few days all the time mapling de
if like this again hor.. i will look older and older de
but if dun play at midnight de hor
den i cant play wor..
so fan..
den now sure s dun wan us liao or dun wan me liao lor
maybe i really din struggle for it la
juz nomal can lor.. i dun like to force myself
see later wat happen to me i still duno la
applied utar but utar bo reply wor
so9 fan!!
wan or dun wan den say la..
wat for make me wait
hate waiting
but chooiting is still happy today~~
work at biotherm wor...
can use free sample
syiok tak
den can get 50$ for 8 hours jek wor
dei lor!!!!!
i love my free sample...
stubborn spot intense shooter..
good lor..
at least i learn smtg la
mama say muz learn everyday u life..
so i learn how to eat how to play how to slp!!
and i'm pround of it!! den now i sudah lupa the day i at china la...
actually is quite sien if friends not wif u
cos no wan pose like sakai wif u!!!
tat's y...
i dn mind working i dun mind get hard
but i mind ppl dun cares..
ystd i told itu vaane..
chooiting is currently single but available
today i told mei hui i'm single but not available..
but am i am i??? hahaha
mei hui ask why?
i say not feeling dun love sum1 yet
or maybe is...
chooiting dun wan feel anymore hurting.. anymore feeling sad tat make me not comfortable...
cos i HATE feeling tat not belongs to me
den i told itu vaane
mood swinger will nvr suicide..i
wif no reason i can 100% sure..
cos mood swinger will not feeling to die
they have they own way to survive
cos we are brave in another way..
mood swinger juz bcos of they know how to release wat they feel
so we looks YOUNGER!
bla bla bla
Wednesday, April 2, 2008 || 9:02 AM

i tot someone told me libraian are special cos they will oni cry when they want or they cry is juz wanna to shoe the art!!
but finally i get it wrong cos when i wanna show my tears i will remind myself my tears are priceless dun cry it without reason... ' cos usually i will say ''long time no cry so feel like crying'''... those nonsense bu when everytime i wanna to cry i cant cry out and now when i dun wana to cry tears wil run out ok? juz let to show out but another time i found tat i cant control them.. u noe wy?
i und while u nid to take care the family for every morning is relly hard...
but sometimes they have their own problem
i duno really noe wat i wanna to say but juz wanna to release my feeling my depression
cos even i wan to slp i cant sleep anymore
i wish tears come out is wanna to end up smtg but not to start something bad..
so tears can wash away things tat u dun wan.. and when the time u cry u wanna forget i wish i could do tat but i wish too tat i stay here is smtg right i dun mean to mean but just mean to be ntg now!! ppl who get alot who get too much will oways get back smtg lidat maybe this is why ppl say tat i have changed!!
and.. argue for many times ady but i still feel hurting ... like sakai lidat... i dun wan to be to grey to see the world but atleast u nid to let me re;ease!! chooiting* rules