Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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in love~~
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 || 5:14 PM

        goong yoo oppa           hyun bin oppa <3 <3
yeah.. juz back from the so called kl-genting trip wif my sis and her frenz!!
it is absolutely diff kind of trip that going wif my fren!!
cos i s damn not fun at all!!
arghh, i'm wondering why i will go wif her??
am i crazy??
i did see 'lan zai zai feel' for 3 times in a day!! oowowwowohh
fate let me to see him!! and i blif if fate really tell me that he is special i guess fate will let me see him AGAIN!!
aarghhhh.. fat fah tin again!!
lan zai zai feel is not a special guy as wat i know
he is not special like perfume or parade but he did take my attention when i see him often!!
cos he look weird look like a smtg wrong wif him..
and i did get a good impression to him cos wat?
how a teen play in team park without any frenz? i'm mad wif my sos tat boring but at least there is sum1 wif me?
how come he can still enjoy himself by playing around..
arghh? he dun nid frenz? juz make me feel uncomfortable wif him.. cos he can be happy eventhough wif alone
i couldnt do tat!!!
cos is big diff wif
maybe juz a korean star can make me smile wif happiness for a whole day.. and telling everyone is my new oppa!! but hpw he make he life lidat?
and now.. it's my oppa turn!! my lovely hyun bin and goong yoo..
how can i fall in love to guys wif dimples??? cos i have it too
as wgat i said
i wan a 'MAN' 'CARING' 'LOVING' and CUTE man to fall in love den now i get to know guys wif dimples is super cute and they look caring too...
lalalal~~ i shud get a dimples man and marry him!!
anyways, i'm enjoying to being tat..
but i do to blif fate.. cos i dun wan fight..
i wan my love can naturally!!
wif happiness romantic
althoug is like wat child say but i still wish too think that cos i'm still a little girl..
and i get a phrase nice..
memories is for keeping not for throwing away..
i think imake it good!! and i work it! yeah
chooiting is strong..
but finally, result will coming out soon who going to make me die or i'm dying?
nononono dun think bout that
juz thin when i'm going to dye my hair??
no idea le!!!
and i juz got a history of WALTZ
WALTZ is the king of dance, because since in evolution, it is the first dance where opposite sexes come into close contact
WALTZ means to turn. In the past, lover couldn't meet in public only during parties could they express their longing for one another. you can only execute a perfect turn by giving your hand to your beloved

Thursday, February 14, 2008 || 3:57 AM

erm... i'm going to continue the 18th single valentine's day..
neamind is ok for me
but wat i get a news that lalat and perfume go tgt...
this is wat i cant imagine!!
finally i get an ending for my sec love life~
doesnt mean i'm learning nerriza to make a love story in blog
v getting older and older..
how to behave as a 18 years old girl??
i'm still SO INNOCENT
yea, i think i'm innocent.. am i???but dunno why..
i can kindly this that i have ady accept perfume and lalat
even though kukumalu and A i still tot that i have fully accept it..
but too bad
i know i din FULLY accept..
cos i will still run away when i face them..
maybe ppl say failed in love can make girl et prettier..
lol.. i think i am still not prettier enough to see them!!!!
yeah.. i think so!!!!
why i say i will run away from them..
1st i found out i dun like to go parade ady cos i scare i will see perfume or lalat
2nd i not dare to see kah yan and kukumalu at the same time!!!
ehem, not bcos i have did smtg bad to kah yan!!
i can swear i didn't do anything!!!
i just believe to what i think and what i see!!
since my impression is that bad so i dun need to show my myself out to let them know!!
is just ok for me so i'm seriously going to diet!!
wkakak is abit funny to ppl that know me haha..
but neamind i will prove it 1 day!!!
skipping is good!! yeah! atleast i think so!!
rotting process
Saturday, February 9, 2008 || 2:04 AM

yea~ i'm rotting now..
what to do??? and nowadays my life without maple without school time and all about is the stupid cny!!
arshhh~ come on~ what the hell cny is this..
is so freaking boring for me!!
sobx.. hate it so much~ and the ang pow that lesser and lesser!!

ya~ so plan to diet!!
i said that for many times!! but i have failed to do it!!
useless TT
SOOMPI forum have make my day go! yeah
cos they teach how can diet easily but they still need to eat less!
yew~ if i can do that meaning i;m the queen of the world ady!!!
but neamind i wll try my best!!
cos the motivate going to make me crazy
maybe is libra attitude who love perfect
i love buy clothes shopping and there were 2 reason make all my mood run away
1. is too expensive and i cant support to buy! u know that i'm a so called average person
2. i canot fit in!! wtf!!!!!! food is my lee chooi ting killer!!
arghh~ and exerciser will juz make me feel sticky wif the sweat !!
nia ma~ so i wan try some easy way~
okay i will try all my time to not concentrate in food!! and tell myself food is not tasty not delicious and they are all bitter smelly!!
arghh wat am i talking now??
yea yea yea~~ what i need is a bf to control me and make my motivate bcome bigger and stronger in my mind~~
i'm juzt joking oni!!
arghh crazy!
cool down!!
not to eat!
aim it~
do it~
love it~
and success it~~

=what i need=
nutrient food
hula hop[i have it long time ago]
jumping rope[where to buy?]

=what i dont need=
oily food
sleep like a pig

it's prove that my mind is clear but why i cant do it??
cos i'm LAZY!!
*smile* that never come back
Thursday, February 7, 2008 || 6:16 PM

today is th first day of cny but i woke up very late but din get scolded by my parent..
yeah~ that's my new year luck!! i believe that~~
keep on asking for ang pow cos ystd i filled in hardly!!
den we go my grandma house but actually my grandma has pass away on nov 2007
every Chinese new year we will usually gather at my grandma house and she will give us rm6 an ang pow...
nvr change for so many years!!
but what is not in my expectation is my mum and my aunty cry~~ i know why cos they haven't come out from the true of my grandma has pass away..
why do people cry when someone pass away??
or why we will feel that heart broken when we looking at people who will talk, eat enjoy with us suddenly sleep forever??
cos we know the smile from the people will never come back and never with us anymore~
chinese tradition is when someone pass away, we must not cry~ cos the spirit of the died people will not willing to leave us!!
i remember that day~ actually everyone is sad but they try their best to not let tears come out except children!!
i told my mum not to cry cos grandma will not really wanna see us like that!!
but at the end everyone cry when they give the last respect to my grandma~ cos we ady know that v cannot change it anymore, and she will also never come back to us!!
the feeling that someone close with us leave u will really go into ur heart and never never lost!!
grandma asked me before if 1 day i die will u cry like when chut chut lost!!
i didn't answer her!!
i dunno why? chut chut and my grandma are totally different~~ cos i know people will die 1 day so expect this will happen to everyone~~
but chut chut lost is different cos it is not in my expectation
maybe i'm childish to face this kind of things~
and lastly i get it~ people will leave us even though we dun wan it to come~
try ur best to keep the perfect memory with her in your heart~
i don't actually like people who are fake~
like my sisters~
omg.. they are just making me to feel that their are annoying~
but anyway i try to think they are not purposely to make me feel so..
once a people die here spirit will always keep in our hearts..
as long as u keep her in your heart


and i happy that my dad have give me another 200$$
hurray!!! love him so much~~
but i;m actually getting for my previous post that are failed~~
1st= canot save [so i lazy think bout tat]
2nd= closed by my sis[i hope i can hack her password]
3rd= closed by my bro accidently [mad-ing!!!]

i wan a blessing year
<3 <3 <3 <3
*thinking back*
Tuesday, February 5, 2008 || 11:10 PM

my lovely school tree

金色的舞鞋伴着音乐 baby你的眼睛是一弯深邃的湖水
waiting for you I'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you I'm waiting for you
waiting for you come here to my dream
waiting for you waiting for you 直到永远
waiting for you I'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you
waiting for you waiting for you
waiting for you
waiting for you I'm waiting for you
waiting for you kiss me at the night
为何你cinderella 留给我一望无际的思念
waiting for you I'm waiting for you
waiting for you come here to my dream
waiting for you waiting for you
waiting for you
think back this song~ i will miss form 3 a lot.. i think form3 class is the best class tat in my sec school life!!
yap sze yen who will sing for me and steph or everyone since i'm not special i need to admit this!! is really easy to know her attitude but dunno why i will kindly accept her maybe she is not important for me!
remember about form3 fun fair~ with a group of 'girl' that super rich~~!
and the end of the fun fair that full with happiness.. play with water gun and running all over the field~ with yijun and nerriza and some others people that i could not remember~ is *sweet*

and form5 -sport day-
we were really under the rain! ^^ ||i love rain||
enjoy tat blessing day!! a memorable day!
and any SPECIAL DAY'S which= camera FREE day taking picture non-stop although i dun have a camera but i will still steal yijun camera to take and she ALLOWED me!! ^^
this is such a miracle~ like a sakai who take pictures all around the school!
and the time that we rushing for those stupid project folio uhuh!!
anymore? let me think think~
scolding teacher~~
i'm glad that i have a pair of legs so that i can walk
wow~ is so damn nice until now i cannot forget but maybe because of this my testimonial.. haiH~ AND MY FALL DOWN RECORD turtle style?! i will not remember this~~
another 1 is my day in MCD and STEVEN~~ yeah~ i use this time to wait my perfume and kukumalu....

but why I'm missing my school??no reason?
I'm super blur...
when we were young.. when dunno how to appreciate the time that we have but doesn't mean I'm regretting what i have done.. i am just too miss the time that people give me.. cos i know i need them.. [like 'ah sam' talk]
uhum~ be serious! ^^
is really hard to turn the memory to real life again..
but this all memory is the best ever memory for me!!
i dunno maybe 1 day i dun even will open my blog again since i'm not going to let anyone to rad me this blog cos i found that they like to view steal my diary book~
yew~ irritating toke all my privacy even though is kukumalu!! *shy* swt|||
HAHA like stupid like that!!
but i loving in this.. to act innocent blur!!

i found that i couldn't be serious even though i wanna to be~
and writing bog will still get interrupt by peoples.. god!!!
i dun wan be control by people!!! NO NO NO~
not what i want~ TT

back to Ho Seng Ong!!!
i remember every monday we need to take in the stupid tie!! duhh
and the argue king is me!! [so called yang tak cukup timbang]
haha~~ not bad wat~~ still get a argue king name!!
i remember soon cai en that like to cry~
big jing and hsin lin who super clever
robin who is my aiya kei brother~ cos he older than me 4 months
steph who told me that she knew me from kindergarten = 10 years more to 2008
thum who very housewife feel
karmay that muka pura-pura
har weng kit who curi curi love steph
soon cai en who love to cry
chuai ai cin chuai ai lin i remember their are twins~
yap cheng nam yg abit abit gay
jia ee and benita who one year younger than us
when thinking back to ho seng ong will force me to think back that know i'm ady 18[nearly] need to face the world
i don't want~!
but anyway i know the world will never wait me although i dun really wan they go~
so i need to take my time to memories down my pureness memory ^^
my bbq~
Sunday, February 3, 2008 || 10:27 PM

1st feb 2008
i'm thinking wat to do...
erm since i nvr invited mei hui and nerriza.. ALTHOUGH ABIT 'EVIL'
cos v noe each other long time ady!
but wat to do..
now when i see mei hui and nerriza i will feel wind blow from my backbone..
that's true!! honestly.. i din lie..
i scare them but i still act them as frenn..
but the problem now is i duno how to ask back the money~~
i nid $$$.. i bankrupt ady lar..
my mum hide my purse again~
why ppl like to hide my purse? huh?!
i know~~
cos my purse too cute.. they jealous me.. swt|||
bbq now..........................
should i ask them for money??
cos they din eat alot.. or can say as they dun even half of the food!!
wat to do?? ask how i ask them for money??
all lost adyy.. if i'm working then will be better..
cos i got moeny to welcome my CNY but now~
dun even have 200$ wuwuuwuwuwuw~~~
i wan moeny and i need them there are my darling..
another is...
[zid is back!!]
and my life! BORING~ god help me!! TT
haih... i can know god din hear me cos i'm still in front the comp
no matter wat... and i have change my friendster background