Time changes everything, even you and I have changed

C h o o i T i n g
you can count on me like 123
i'll be there
and i know when i need you
i can count on you like 432
you'll be there
cos that's what friend suppose to do

do you ever wonder what your life looks like through someone else's eyes?

♥ i hope mine will be a girl who surrounded with happiness in your eyes ♥
-That's me

The rain, the winter spring has made us fade away

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

Ah ma
Elaine Voon

I really wonder how you feel on these nights so alone

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“life will be better in spring”
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ah po vs my style
Thursday, January 24, 2008 || 7:16 PM

i annouce.. i have cut my hair short!!!
hmmp.. nice try but guess will i regret??? but honestly i'm not bcos anyone to cut my hair tat short, k?
cos lawyijun said b4 a girl who cut her hair short meaning she have been break wif sum1 else...
excuse me, but not me!!! thinking and thinking...
really abit tak biasa wif my new hair style..
izit scary or wad?
my family said i look older than last time!! like 20 years old girl!!
girl but not women k??
i prefer girl than lady..
my life getting boring and boring.. especially when comp get into problem or line connection got problem!! this will oni help the growth of rotting in my body!!
no way..
i dun wan to 'fatmou' yet..
i'm still young
and.. i found out.. after i cut my hair jia wen and me look alike lerh!!
but i know she look cuter!! i will admit this!!
the day when hao poh suek went home
Tuesday, January 22, 2008 || 3:49 PM

finally.. hao poh suek went home.. haha
i wondering why she asking me the same question yesterday..
i'm going back ady... 'will u ng sek dek ngo'???
erm... i'm abit cold blooded ppl.. so i answered i have no feeling bout that!!
ystd i heard bin tai poh said she saw perfume in jusco le..
but....!!! why i cant see him?? huh?!! i guess i long time din see him ady. as i promise wif my dearest friends.. perfume and me 1 knife 2 parts ady..
ysy said wat i said canot blif!! meaning????


i'm 1st timer in blog
|| 4:23 AM

erm.. thinking.. abit blur now.. juz now when i wanna sign up tat time all come chinese words.. wakakaa.. i und chinese too but juz sumtimes dun und the meaning...

thinking wat i can write here and why i'm here.. umph..
after spm life is really damn sienzz.. wondering wat can i do wat i wanna to do..
i'm waiting for the result or waiting for it???
lol!!! i duno..